Upcoming Value-Based Healthcare Related Events

Sept.19 – 20, 2018, Dell Medical School, Austin, TX

Participants in this two-day interactive workshop will learn why value-based health care is essential and how to begin
creating and implementing high-value care. The workshop format combines case discussions of successful high-value
care models with overview presentations and implementation frameworks that participants can readily deploy. You will
explore implementation cases from Europe and the United States, including the musculoskeletal care center at the new
University of Texas Dell Medical School. Participants will also learn about organizing care around medically-relevant
patient segments, identifying opportunities to improve current services, measuring meaningful outcomes, accelerating
learning in clinical teams, and succeeding with new payment models.

Register here:  https://cvent.utexas.edu/c/express/92bb4ad7-8217-41bd-a28b-4dea4200d77b

Oct. 24 – 25, 2018, Dell Medical School, Austin, TX

The goal of health care is creating value--improving the outcomes that matter to patients over the full cycle of care for the
money spent. Join other health care leaders to learn the “how to” of outcomes measurement, including where to start,
what measures to use, how to calculate associated costs, and how to use the tools currently available. Participants will
get to know the Capability, Comfort, and Calm framework, which simplifies and streamlines outcome measurement and
evaluation. They will also discuss overcoming barriers to measurement, as well as how to support a learning culture that
enables continuous care delivery improvement.

This two-day interactive workshop will be led by Dell Medical School faculty Elizabeth Teisberg, Scott Wallace, Alice
Andrews, and Kathy Carberry as well as Dr. Christina Akerman, the outgoing president of ICHOM.

Register here:  https://cvent.utexas.edu/c/express/e587d1b1-8f7b-463f-9c88-c4febb0d302a

For more information, please contact Anna-Lisa Plant at atplant@austin.utexas.edu